Walk Grading

Our walks’ grading system covers both day and overnight walks.  It ranges from easy to hard, as well as having an Alpine prefix.  A list of the gradings and their definitions are given below, and they also appear each month in the Club’s magazine.


EASY – Gently undulating terrain. Mostly on formed tracks suited to most people.

EASY – MEDIUM – Gently undulating terrain, with some short climbs. A degree of fitness is required.

MEDIUM – Not necessarily on formed tracks. Some sustained climbs of 1 km or more. A degree of fitness is required.

MEDIUM – HARD – As per medium but includes rougher terrain. Experience as a walker is required.

HARD – Rougher terrain than medium – hard. Heavy scrub, rock scrambling with longer climbs and descents. Knowledge of map and compass is required. High degree of fitness required.


EASY – Undulating terrain, mostly on formed tracks suited to people with some experience.

MEDIUM – Involve a few larger ascents and descends, not necessarily on formed tracks. Suited to reasonably fit people experienced in overnight walking.

HARD – Similar to medium but with rougher terrain. Might include sections track of exposed to bad weather, and extended periods of scrub bashing. Suited to fit people with experience in bush skills. Map and compass reading is required.

ALPINE – Can prefix any of the above gratings, whether day or overnight walks. Means the walk is going to be at some stage, above 800 m altitude. Extremes of temperatures and conditions at any time of the year are possible.

As an initial guide to your fitness level, we suggest that you should be able to participate in a 10-15 km walk over gently undulating terrain, on formed tracks without significant difficulty (enjoying yourself of course)