• Bushrangers Bay to Cape Schanck

    Bushrangers Bay to Cape Schank
    Date: 15 April 2012
    Leader: David Minton

    It was a beautiful hot summer’s day, but in autumn, when we met at the Bushrangers Bay car park.  There were about 20 of us that set out at a spanking pace heading to the coast.

    You can usually guarantee as you walk along the Bushrangers Bay track that you will see hundreds of kangaroos, however this time only one was seem, much to most people’s surprise.

    As it was such a beautiful day whenever we came to a view of the ocean most people slowed down to admire the view.  Morning tea was taken near Elephant rock, after a leisurely stroll across the beach.

    Back on the track we headed towards Cape Schank, along the track that wanders in and out of the shaded, overhanging branches of the tea-trees, up and down a steep creek bank and out along the cliffs with a view of Cape Schank and the track to its tip.  Once there we descended endless steps to that tip, to have lunch on the pebbly beach and a well earned rest.

    After lunch and ice creams we headed back along the track to retrace our steps to the cars.  This time one snake was observed sunning its self on the side of the track.  On the section back to the cars from the turn off to Bushrangers Bay we passed numerous people going down to the Bay to enjoy the warm afternoon.

    Thank you David for a very pleasant walk, and for putting on such beautiful sunny weather.

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