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  • Mornington mid week walk: 18th July


    Where: Mornington.
    When: Wednesday 18th July.
    Leader: Chris Spencer.

    Ten WWW’s met at Mornington Gallery in fine weather. We followed tracks and laneways through both suburban and bushland areas to the Briars where we walked a short circuit walk through wetlands to the lookout and back to the visitors’ centre.

    We retraced our steps to Benton’s Square for coffee then back to the gallery. A very pleasant morning walk through tracks many of us have never walked.

    Thank you Chris.

    Margaret Madge.

  • Two Bays Walk pt 2 – Greens Bush to Cape Schanck, Sunday 22nd July


    Greens Bush-Cape Schanck.
    Sunday 22nd July.
    Leader Chris Spencer.

    Fourteen walkers met at Greens Bush in great weather- a contrast to last week’s first leg of the Two Bays Walk. One minor false start, it seems there was a lack of communication between the leader and the whip! The walk took us through deep fern gullies, extensive clusters of Xanthoreas and forests of tall coastal banksias. Lots of very tame kangaroos came out to just watch us passing.

    Beautiful undulating bush tracks and quite some steps particularly for those who ventured down to Bush rangers Bay for lunch. Only one walker was brave (mad) enough to go for a paddle across the very full-running creek – guess who? – Marty!

    Dave, that actually wasn’t a short landing strip that you saw on the green hill near Highfields! I won’t mention the slightly dodgie conversation overheard between two male walkers at the tail-end of the group!

    Thanks to Chris for organising a beautiful walk and to Helma, Louise, Greg and John who went early so that their cars were at Cape Schanck to carry us safely back to Greens Bush.
    Congartulations to Louise who was the only driver who kept within the speed restrictions through the road works-we thought we had lost you!

    Margaret Madge.

  • Two Bays Walking Track – McCrae to Greens Bush, 15th July 2012


    Two Bays walking track – Episode 1
    McCrae to Greens Bush
    Sunday 15 July 2012

    Leaders – Chris Spencer and Marty Sakkeus

    This was the first half and the practice run, of the Two Bays walking track that was to be walked several weeks later by the fit, the mad and those with grandiose ideas of walking all the way to Cape Shank.

    We, the lesser mortals that wanted to do the track in two days rather than one, set out on a cold and windy day from McCrae lighthouse and headed towards Anthony’s Nose at a cracking pace.  I know that I should have stuck to my guns and given up puffing up Arthur’s Seat once more, but instead staggered behind admiring the colours of the sea and then of the plants as we walked up past Heronswood Gardens to LaTrobe Parade when any sensible person would have started.

    It is from here that you start puffing up towards the top of Arthur’s Seat and into the Seawinds grounds.  This climb is always a challenge, no less because of the recent rains that had somewhat damaged the track.  There are always views to stop and look at, the vegetation to stop and photograph as you climb up and up.  And then the pleasant walk through the stringy bark and gum forests with an under story of bracken and ferns.  This part of the walk is really beautiful, all damp and green with some orchids starting to germinate and acacias to flower.  Parts of this walk are really rewarding, but the up parts come too quickly.  Eventually we came to the grassy open area from where we were to descend down to McLarens Dam. This is a steep gravelly descent that tests knees, and the flat around the dam is really appreciated.  Too early for lunch so on we went to find the part of the track that winds through the back of Rosebud.  By now it was the second leader’s turn to lead, luckily some of the walkers were more familiar with the track and so we left the Park and ventured into suburbia.

    After wandering through some of the streets we found the track and followed it along the board walk and through the creek area.  The creek was running well, the board walk rather slippery and the walk through the vegetation rather damp and boggy.  But undeterred we walked on until we came to the track to Stephanie Rennick Hill where we all were pleased to stop for lunch and admire the view and the horses in a nearby paddock.  They obviously were also interested in lunch, but no one was forth coming.

    The track now descended down to the creek, but unfortunately we were soon floundering around in the mud and slush.  The track here was very wet and boggy and a diversion necessary.  Then came that long long haul up to Greens Bush, a deceptive hill that goes on for ever, and then a bit further.  But soon we were in Greens Bush and headed towards the cars, what a welcome sight they were nestled under the trees.  We had made it in good time indicating that those who were to do the whole of the walk to Cape Schanck should arrive there in daylight.

    Then came that dreadful OH NO moment when someone realised that they had left their car keys at McCrae after the car shuffle!  Soon we were sorted and headed back to McCrae for keys, cars and coffee.

    Thank you Chris and Marty for the walk, it wasn’t as bad as all that, and we all had a very enjoyable time.   Ros S